Along came low poly.

Some times I feel like it’s good to take a step back from the grind of a project and have some fun. It’s really easy to get bogged down with the parts you don’t want to do. With that said, I present to you my first try at a landscape in 3D. It’s actually only the second render I’ve ever made without using tutorials. While I did this just for fun, I’m also planning on my next project being in 3D and I’d like to learn a bit about that kind of art and animation before I dive in.

Getting a head start on learning Blender for upcoming projects.

Getting a head start on learning Blender for upcoming projects.

GUI Duck 2

UI screen 75%. This is not even the final form! First time making a gif as well. Fun times

GUI Duck

I finally made some time to develop and so I thought I would work on the main title screen. Admittedly, I did all of this slowly and awkwardly. Did I mention that UI is daunting? I really need to make at least one more pass on just the icons alone. I’m almost satisfied with the colors and I think that if the actual symbols were all slightly smaller and labeled underneath with words that it would be a workable solution. I could also scrap all of this and do something more glassy and transparent. This whole thing looks so much better in motion that it’s not even funny. When I get a chance I’ll make a .gif or something. I will also be changing the snow and background eventually, but the colors will probably be similar to the first world. I like blue, anyway. Oh yeah, and I called this a title screen, but if your powers of observation are shrewd, you’ll noticed there is actually no title. Just a goofy high score marker in the wrong place. That’s probably my next step. A title for my title screen. Adding the name of the game somewhere couldn’t hurt.


Working on buttons again. You wouldn’t believe how long some of these icons took me. Embarrassing. I’ll probably have to re-do them at least one more time.

U and I

UI stuff is incredibly foreign to me. I’ve been having a hard time getting something that doesn’t have a completely different art style from the actual game. Last night I started experimenting with mixing flat design principles with some transparencies and effects to try and get something that fits, but isn’t so flat it could be mistaken for an old soda pop.


Trying to find a balance between flat and stylized.

I feel like this is a crucial part of any game, but especially pertinent for mobile. Your UI makes a huge difference between a game looking professional or amateur. I know I’m trending in the right direction, but it’s tough to disconnect myself from my own work. Does this look remotely professional to anyone else?